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My first violin dates back to 1981. From then on, in my work, I put a special focus in researching the acoustic aspect, starting from free planes tuning to tuning the body’s inner air volume with the body itself.
What’s my number one priority?
Find top quality wood and let it mature under my supervision.c'est moi
When it comes to wood, “top quality” doesn’t mean the same for everybody; it’s a very personal matter. Every wood block has its own aesthetic-structural peculiarities (brightness, fiber, flames, tapping, medullary rays) as well as mechanical ones (compactness, flexibility, strength, density, hardness).
In general, but especially in regard to maple, I carefully choose those woods which satisfy a high ratio transmission speed/specific weight, in order to improve further the acoustic promptness of the instruments I create.
My methodology’s results has been appreciated by esteemed musicians among which I remember with affection Lorenzo Marchelli, director of Liceo Musicale in Savona and Raimondo Matacena, konzertmeister at Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa and Teatro Regio in Turin. Recently I had the privilege to hear my instruments played by prominent violinists and cellists.

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